Schedule for All Junior Colleges of Telangana State TS Inter 1st Years Admission 2022

TS 1st year Admission 2022 and TS Inter Admission 2020 schedules for all junior colleges. Telangana State Board of Intermediate Education (BIE Telangana) has published TS Inter Admission Schedule 2022, for the academic year 2022-2023. Certain Instructions were also issued to Head of Institutions.

Inter Admission 2022. The Telangana government instructed the Inter Board that it create an easier process for students to apply for admissions to college without physically visiting them and make positive decisions for online students. The Inter Board has introduced a new admissions policy called “HTMO Self-Enrollment Online Option “.

The state has a total number of 404 junior colleges. The student used to have to apply for admission at the college. The new Self Enrollment Online Option system allows students to apply online for college admission. The ‘Student Self-Enrollment Online Option Form’ will be made available online by Inter Board starting 01/06/2021.

This list includes all the government colleges. You will need to enter the number of the tenth-class hall ticket and select the college you wish to apply. After the admissions process is complete, you will need to send the college the tenth-class certificate, TC, and any other certificates. They can also be sent through Mee Seva service centres. This scheme allows admissions to all public colleges. *

According to the schedule, junior colleges in the state will open from January 6-202021. The Inter-Board however announced it would postpone these due to the lockdown. The online classes will be available starting at the 01/06/2021, and not stopping at that point.

All public, private aided or private un-aided co-operatives, TS Residential and TS Social Welfare Residential schools, TS Model Schools and TS Model Schools should all accept applications for admissions in the first year. To apply online for admission to the college you desire, those who are unable to obtain admission may visit

“The last date to be admitted into the 1st-year Intermediate course for academic year 2021-22 has been extended to 27-08-2021. All Junior Colleges and Composite Degree Colleges that offer two-year Intermediate courses are informed to admit candidates to Intermediate 1st year until the end of the specified date.

TS Inter 1st Year Admissions 2021 schedule for all Junior Colleges in Telangana State
TS Inter 1st Year Admission 2022 schedule

TS Inter Admission 2022 Details

All Junior Colleges and Composite Degree Colleges that offer two-year intermediate courses can admit first year students until the deadline. BIE Telangana requested principals to admit SSC Public Examination-passing candidates.

TS Inter TS Inter Admission 2022
Titular 2022 Admission to TS Inter 1st year
Kategorie Admissions
Subject For all types of junior colleges, Inter 1st Year Admission 2022
Select GPA SSC based on

Closing Date

Government Colleges Online First Year Application Form
Download schedule
TS Inter Admission Schedule
TS Inter 1st Year Admission Details

The TS Inter 1st Year Admissions 2022 Schedule for Govt. Private. Private Unaided. Co-operative. Incentive.

TS Inter Admissions via WhatsApp

Inter Admissions 2022 is a WhatsApp-based initiative. You can stay home and test out WhatsApp to send information to public colleges. Officials from the Inter-Board are trying to get admissions via WhatsApp into government colleges. According to reports, Inter-Board officials discussed the possibility of admitting students through WhatsApp with some staff members.

Corona claims that last year, admissions to intermediate colleges were done online. However, authorities have begun looking at the possibility of offering online and WhatsApp-based admissions this year. Inter-first year admissions began on the 25th May. Officials have made public the first-phase admissions schedule and have allowed admissions until July 5. Soon, a decision will be taken on inter-TS Inter admissions based on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp-based TS Inter Admission Process: Students must send the following details to Aadhaar Number, SSC Marks Memo and Course, Medium, Second Languages (Second language) to the WhatsApp number for the College Principal they have joined.

All student information is registered on the website by college principals. The admission process will be complete once all details have been entered. Once the confirmation of admission is received, the allocated admission number will then be sent to student’s WhatsApp account.

TS Junior inter admissions 2022 TS Junior Colleges & Composite Degree Colleges offer Two-year Intermediate courses in Vocational & General streams of the State. Released the First Phase Intermediate Admissions Calendar.

Government / Private Aided / Unaided / Cooperative / TS Residental / Social Welfare Residential / Tribal Welfare Residential / BC Welfare Residence / Incentive/ Minority residential /KGBV/ T.S. Model Junior Colleges, and Composite Degree Colleges offer two-year Intermediate courses in Vocational and General streams.

Government colleges have an admission fair. There have been a few instances when government colleges were disrupted by students not attending or admissions. With the influx of students, admissions have been booming.

Inter student life is a key aspect. These students are keen to complete an intermediate course at a government college. In all Telangana districts, there are numerous government junior colleges. There are thousands of places in government junior colleges.

Students could not view govt colleges before then. Corona has allowed all government colleges to receive new admissions. Many are losing their jobs due to Corona. Many cannot afford the minimal college tuition. They are choosing to attend government colleges because of this.

Because the government offers free admissions to all government colleges, and free books to students, it is urging them to apply to junior colleges.

The principals will take extra care when enrolling students in the academic year 2021-22. Below is the Admission Schedule: Online classes will begin for Intermediate courses in year one on 01/06/2021. Provisional admissions may be made by the Principals based on Internet marks memos.

After submitting the original SSC Pass Certificate and the Transfer Certificate from the school authority, provisional admissions will be accepted.

TS Inter First Year Admissions Schedule 2022

Activity Datum
The process of submitting application forms begins and admissions can be started as soon as possible. 19-06-2022
Start date for Online Classes 20-06-2022
Deadline for online application submission 20-07-2022
Date of Admissions Completion 20-07-2022
Classes for the first year start at 01-07-2022
TS Inter Admissions Schedule 2022

How to Download the TS Inter Admissions Schedule 2022

Telangana State Board of Intermediate Education released TS Inter Admission Schedule on its official website of TS BIE, for admission into first year intermediate courses in Telangana Junior colleges across the State. The official website allows students who have successfully passed the SSC exam to view details and access the TS Inter admission Schedule. Follow the simple steps to download the Schedule.

  1. Visit the website

    For downloading the Academic Calendar, intermediate students need to visit the official website in your device browser.

  2. Go to the TSBIE website

    After you have reached the official website click the TSBIE Homepage link. Next, the official Telangana State Board of Intermediate Education website will open.

  3. You can click on the TS Inter Admission Link

    Click on the TS Inter Admission Link in the sidebar of the TS BIE Website. A new page will then be created.

  4. Get the TS Inter Admissions Schedule

    Click on the link to open the TS Inter Admission Schedule download web page. Click on the link to download the Telangana Inter Admission Schedule. The PDF file will be opened in your browser. You can then download and review the details.

TS Inter Info

TS Inter 1st Year Admission Online Application Form
TS Inter Online Classes (TS Inter Digital Classes)

TS Inter Academic Calendar

TS Inter Model Question Papers

Inter Study Material
TS Intermediate Information

According to the rules in force, principals can follow the reservation rule in admissions. This is the Category-wise reservation:

Reserve Seats to TS Inter Admissions 2022


Schedule castes 15%
List tribes 6%
Classes for the backward class 29%

(A-7%, B-10%, C-1%, D-7% & E-4%)
Physically disabled 3%
NCC, Extra-curricular and Sports activities 5%
Residency of ex-servicemen & defence personnel in the State 3%
Sections Economically Weaker Sections 10%
Reservations of seats for TS Inter Admissions

GPA-based admissions: With the new grading system at SSC, admissions will be based upon GPA (Grade Point average) and the subject-wise Grade Points (GP), as determined by the guidelines. For admission, they should not administer any tests. Junior colleges that admit students on other grounds will face severe sanctions.

Students Aadhaar Number: The student must submit his/her Aadhaar ID number to be eligible for admission to Intermediate courses in private aid, un-aided, social welfare, BC welfare and minority schools/junior colleges in Telangana.

Unaided Junior Colleges: It is hereby instructed that the principals of unaided senior colleges should only admit students to the sections approved and not exceed the maximum strength of 88 for each section.

Further, they are directed to not admit in combinations that have been dropped by the Board.

Only after permission has been granted by the Board should admission to additional sections be allowed. Any violation, including disaffiliation or penalty, could result in disciplinary action.

Entry Information: Managements should prominently display at the entry of the building, during admissions, the section numbers sanctioned for that academic year by Telangana State Board of Intermediate Education. Also the number of vacant seats in each section. These information must be kept current on a daily base.

Rule 7 of APPE Regulations 1997: Principals of unaided Junior Colleges are directed not to use inducements in advertisements to violate Rule 7 of Andhra Pradesh Public Examinations Prevention of Malpractice & Unfair Means Rules 1997, which were published in G.O.Ms.No.114 dated 13/05/1997. Any violations will be prosecuted.

Mother Name In respect to Jogini Children, all Principals should include Mother’s name in place of Father’s in the record of qualifying examination.

Security of Girl Students: Principals have been instructed to implement security measures for girl students.

Certificate for gap period: Candidates who wish to be admitted on condonation or for a period of time must obtain from the Tahasildar a certificate of local candidate/residential certificate.

All junior colleges will be open from 16-9-2021 to allow admissions, as per the calendar.

The 01-06-2021 will be the beginning of the online Intermediate courses. The 2nd year Online Classes have already been initiated by DD Yadagiri through T SAT TV Platform.

News: Telangana Inter Board has published the schedule for intermediate first year admissions to junior colleges in Telangana. As per the admission schedule, the application process for government and private schools, as well as gurukul junior college, has begun.

These are the items included in the following schedule:

  • Students’ grade point average should determine admissions. Subjects based on grade will be considered.
  • Admissions cannot be made by means of examinations. This means that actions must be taken at the respective colleges
  • Any college must have a minimum of one student.
  • Each college seat should have a maximum of 88 admissions
  • The board may cancel admissions.
  • Board approval is required for admissions to Additional Sections. These provisions must be canceled and college affiliate identities will cease to exist.
  • The College Gate will place the approved and to be removed seats in college.
  • These admissions should not be advertised.
  • Jogini records of children should be changed by a father’s name
  • On the website of, you can find details about affiliated colleges. Recognized colleges should be included in the college application.

Reservation rules: Principals can follow these rules for admissions.

This is the Category-wise reservation:

Reservations for

1. Schedule castes: 15 %

2. Schedule tribes

3. Two-thirds of the backward classes (29%, A-7%, B-10% C-1% D-7%, E-4%)

4. Physically disabled: 3 %

5. NCC Sports & Extra curricular activities: 5%

6. The state has a 3% ex-service population and defense personnel.

If there is no other college for them, 33.33% of the total seats must be reserved for their category.

Parents and students are hereby advised to only apply for admissions at affiliated colleges. The List can be found on the official website of TSBIE i.e.

Note: For more details refer to web portal. Visit TS Inter Official Website

TS Inter TS Inter Admission 2022 ——————— ———————– Selection Based on GPA SSC Applying Closing Date 20-07-2022 Website

Telangana State Board of Intermediate Education, (TS BIE), on Monday released the 2022-23 academic calendar. Reopening of second year junior colleges is scheduled for June 15, 2022.

SSC passed candidates who are interested to join in intermediate courses in Telangana junior colleges can visit the official website, After you have reached the website, click on the Junior Colleges Online Application link. You will then be directed to an admission portal.

Telangana State Board of Intermediate Education, (TS BIE), on Monday released the 2022-23 academic calendar. Reopening of second year junior colleges is scheduled for June 15, 2022.

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