eJanma Karnataka Online Birth/Death Certificate Registration & Verification 2022

The eJanma Karnataka project is currently being piloted in select districts of Karnataka and is expected to be rolled out statewide in the near future. 

The e-Janma project is an initiative of the Government of Karnataka to provide computerized Birth and Death certificates. The service is integrated with the Civil Registration System (CRS) and makes it possible for people to apply for and receive certificates online. 

The project is designed to improve the efficiency of the civil registration process and make it more accessible to citizens. It is also intended to reduce the burden on government offices by eliminating the need for manual processing of applications. 

eJanma Karnataka

eJanma Karnataka is an online portal for birth and death certificate registration in the state of Karnataka. It is an initiative by the Department of Registration and Stamps, Government of Karnataka.

The portal provides an online application form for registering births and deaths. The applicant has to fill in the required details in the form and submit it along with the supporting documents. The Registrar will then process the application and issue the certificate.

The eJanma Karnataka portal also allows citizens to search for birth and death certificates issued by the department. They can search by name, date of birth/death, or certificate number. The portal provides various other services related to birth and death registration such as correction of entries, change of address, etc.

The eJanma Karnataka portal is a convenient and efficient way to register births and deaths in the state of Karnataka. It saves time and effort as the applicant does not have to visit the Registrar’s office in person. The portal also provides easy access to birth and death certificates for citizens.

Purpose Of eJanma Karnataka Portal

eJanma Karnataka is a web portal developed by the Government of Karnataka to provide a one-stop solution for all your birth and death registration needs. The portal enables you to register births and deaths that occur in Karnataka, as well as apply for birth and death certificates. 

In addition, the portal provides a wide range of other services such as information on vital statistics, FAQs, and contact details for the concerned authorities. The eJanma Karnataka portal is an easy and convenient way to avail of all these services without having to visit multiple offices. 

With just a few clicks, you can now access all the information and services that you need in one place.

Service Provided On eJanma Portal

eJanMa is a user-friendly portal that provides many services related to birth registration. It has been designed keeping in mind the needs of parents who have to register the birth of their child. 

The portal provides various services such as application for a birth certificate, registration of birth, creation of user account, etc. The portal is very simple to use and provides all the necessary information that parents need to know about birth registration. 

The portal also offers a number of other useful services such as applications for change of name, applications for duplicate birth certificates, etc. eJanMa is a one-stop shop for all your needs related to birth registration.

Track The Birth/Death Application Status @eJanMa Portal

eJanma Karnataka

The eJanma portal is a one-stop solution for birth and death registration in India. Users can track the status of their application online, as well as view and download vital records. The portal also provides information on various government schemes related to birth and death registration. 

  • In order to track the status of an application, users need to login to the portal using their registered mobile number. 
  • Once logged in, they can view the status of their application under the “History” section. 
  • The eJanma portal is a valuable resource for those who are seeking to obtain vital records. It is user-friendly and provides a convenient way to track the status of applications.

Registration Details Of eJanma Application

The eJanma mobile application is designed to provide key information related to a person’s birth, including registration details. It is available in both English and Hindi, and can be used by anyone with a smartphone or tablet. 

  • To register for eJanma, a user must first create an account. This can be done by providing a name, email address, and phone number. 
  • Once an account has been created, the user can log in and begin entering their birth registration details. The app will require the date of birth, place of birth, and parent’s name. 
  • In addition, the user will need to provide a photo ID and contact information. Once all of the required information has been entered, the user can submit their registration details to the eJanma team. 

The team will review the information and issue a unique ID number that can be used to access the app’s features.

eJanma Login Process @ ejanma.karnataka.gov.in

eJanma Karnataka
  • The eJanma Login process is very simple and can be completed in just a few minutes. First, go to the eJanma website at ejanma.karnataka.gov.in. 
  • Next, click on the “Login” button located in the top right corner of the homepage. 
  • On the next page, enter your username and password in the appropriate fields. 
  • Once you have entered your login credentials, click on the “Login” button again to be taken to your account dashboard. 
  • From here, you will be able to access all of your account information and complete any tasks that you need to do. 

The eJanma Login process is quick and easy, so you can get started using this great service right away!

Procedure For Registration Of A Birth Certificate

Registration of a birth certificate is the first step in ensuring your child’s entry into the official records. It is a legal document that provides identification for your child and establishes their citizenship. The process of registration can vary slightly from country to country, but there are some general steps that you can follow. 

  • First, you will need to gather the required documents, which typically include the child’s birth certificate, your identification, and proof of citizenship. 
  • Once you have all of the necessary paperwork, you will need to submit it to the government office responsible for registration. In most cases, you can do this online or in person. 

Once your application has been processed, you will receive a confirmation notice and your child’s birth certificate will be mailed to you. Registration of a birth certificate may seem like a simple process, but it is an important step in ensuring your child’s future.

Apply For A Birth/Death Certificate On Karnataka Online Portal

In Karnataka, birth and death certificates can now be applied online through the state’s e-governance portal. This is a convenient and efficient way to obtain these important documents, and it is available to residents 24 hours a day. 

To apply, registrants will need to provide basic personal information and pay the required fees. Once the application is processed, the certificate will be delivered electronically to the registrant’s desired email address. 

This service helps to streamline the process of obtaining birth and death certificates, and ensures that residents have easy access to these important documents.

Required Information To Make Birth Certificate Online

In order to make a birth certificate online, you will need to provide some basic information. First, you will need the full name, date of birth, place of birth, and parent’s full name of the person for whom you are making the certificate. 

You will also need a credit card or PayPal account in order to pay the fees associated with making the certificate. Once you have all of this information, you can begin the process of making the birth certificate online. 

The process is typically very simple and only takes a few minutes to complete. After you have completed the process, you will be able to print out the birth certificate and keep it for your records.

Verification Of Birth Certificate And Death Certificate online

eJanma Karnataka

The process of verifying birth and death certificates online is a simple one. 

  • First, you will need to locate the website of the vital records office in the state where the birth or death occurred. 
  • Once you have located the website, you will need to enter the required information, such as the name of the person whose birth or death certificate you wish to verify, into the search engine. 
  • After you have located the correct record, you will then need to print out a copy of the birth or death certificate and send it to the vital records office for verification.

The office will then return a certified copy of the birth or death certificate to you within a few weeks.

Download Important Forms From eJanma

eJanma is a secure website that offers downloadable forms for various purposes. These forms are available in PDF format and can be easily printed out. The website offers a wide range of forms, including birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, and divorce certificates. 

In addition, eJanma also offers forms for adoption, wills, and trusts. The website is easy to use and provides a user-friendly interface. Forms can be browsed by category or keyword, and users can also search for specific form numbers. eJanma is a valuable resource for anyone who needs important forms for their records.

Fee/Charges Of Birth / Death Certificate @eJanma

EventsRuleReport PeriodRegistering AuthoritySearch FeeExtract Fee
Births521 DaysRegistrarNo FeeNo Fee
Deaths521 DaysRegistrarNo FeeNo Fee
Births/ Deaths9 (1)After 21 days but within 30 daysRegistrarRs.2/-Rs.5/- per copy
Births/ Deaths9 (2)After 30 days but within 1 yearRegistrar with the order of CO/Tahsildar/CommissionerRs.5/-Rs.5/- per copy
Births/ Deaths9 (3)After 1 yearRegistrar only on the order JMFC (Judicial Magistrate First Class)Rs.10/-Rs.5/- per copy

FAQs: eJanma Karnataka

What is eJanma?

eJanma is an online platform for Birth/Death certificate registration & verification launched by the Government of Karnataka.

Who can register on eJanma?

Any citizen of Karnataka who has a birth/death certificate to be registered can register on eJanma.

What are the benefits of registering on eJanma?

The benefits of registering on eJanma include convenience, speed, and accuracy of data entry as well as anytime, anywhere access to the system.

How do I register on eJanma?

You can register on eJanma by visiting the website and filling in the required details. Once you have registered, you will be given a user ID and password which you can use to log in to the system.

What do I do if I forget my Password?

If you forget your password, you can click on the ‘Forgot Password’ link on the login page and follow the instructions.

Wrapping Up

The eJanma Karnataka Online Birth/Death Certificate Registration & Verification system was launched by the Government of Karnataka in 2019. The system allows residents of Karnataka to register and verify their birth and death certificates online. The system is designed to streamline the process of registration and verification and to make it more convenient for residents. 

We hope you found this article helpful. If you have any questions or need help with registering for an online birth certificate, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. eJanma is here to help make your life a little easier and we appreciate your feedback and continued support.

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